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Since 1995, Fun 2 Dive has been creating unforgettable manatee memories in Crystal River, FL. Our daily manatee tours on beautiful King’s Bay have provided the experience of a lifetime for thousands of visitors from all around the world. Our decades of guiding visitors on this adventure have allowed us to perfect our trips. Our groups are small and each group has it own personal in-water guide who will be right by your side every step of the way. Even though our boats are designed to accommodate more passengers, the maximum number of people that we take on a tour is limited to no more than 6 per boat. Our tours include all the gear needed to have a wonderful time experiencing the manatees in the beautiful waters of King’s Bay.

Our manatee tours are 3-4 hours long depending on the tour package you select and we offer them daily year-round.  The first trip out in the morning meets at our shop at 7:00 and the last trip of the day meets at 12:00.

Please visit our Tour Pricing for more information and to book your trip now. Due to our small group sizes, you will want to make your reservation as early as possible. Holiday weeks and spring breaks fill up fast.  Payment is required at time of reservation.


Why Crystal River? Crystal River’s King’s Bay offers a unique safe warm water refuge for manatees year-round. In 1983 the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge was created to specifically protect the Florida manatees who consider this area their home. King’s Bay is fed by 28 natural springs which maintain a constant temperature of 72 °F (22 °C)–a temperature that the manatees love.  The best time to experience the manatees is November to March when the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico cools and the world’s largest population of these spectacular mammals converges in King’s Bay to enjoy the warmer water temperatures.  While during these cooler months hundreds of manatees congregate in the bay, we have a resident population of manatees who enjoy our hospitality and stay here in the Crystal River-area year round, so any day is a good day to swim with the manatees.

We’re big into the ecotours. We believe in responsible tourism that respects the ecosystem and avoids putting undo stress on the manatees. Our well-educated experienced in-water guides will help you enjoy your time swimming with the manatees in a manner that respects their space and the King’s Bay ecosystem. We hope to provide our customers with a relaxing and educational experience, so please don’t hesitate to ask your boat captain and in-water tour guides questions about these lovely mammals.

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