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Since 1995 Fun 2 Dive Manatee Tours has been creating unforgettable memories. We offer a variety of trips including Swim with Manatees Crystal River Florida and Manatee Sightseeing Tours on the lovely St. Johns River in Sanford, FL. We give you unlimited time during the day, all-inclusive swim with manatees tour will be the highlight of your vacation. Not only will you spend all day with the manatees, we will educate you during your swim with manatees encounter.

Manatee Eco Tours Florida

We provide top of the line snorkel equipment, wet suit, booties, mask and snorkel. Drinks and snacks are also provided, as well as a hot shower after the trip. Reservations are required! The Swim with Manatees tours is only offered in Crystal River FL.

We only take small groups to Swim with Manatees… It only takes 2 people to make a tour; we will never have more than 6 people plus our crew. This is great for your tour and the manatees.

We give you Unlimited Time We meet at 9:00 am and at the boat which is located in Crystal River, Florida. We truly Do Not Carry A Watch,  so when you’re done, were done, but most of the time it’s around 3:00 pm and we have been out longer.  I want you, our guest to feel at home and we will stay out as long as you need so everyone has a safe, fun and educational day without putting stress on the manatees. We’re truly not on a time schedule unless you are.

Why Crystal River? Crystal River’s location offers a safe refuge for Manatees year-round. There are three rivers around this area.  The headsprings of these rivers maintain a 22 °C (72 °F) temperature all year. During November to March, about 400 to 600 Manatees congregate in the rivers around Citrus County.

Swim with Manatees Florida

Manatee Awareness Program… at NO EXTRA CHARGE. We’re big in to the Eco Tours. You’re here because you want an unforgettable manatee experience, and I am here to help you get this totally awesome experience, without putting stress on the animals. You will learn about Manatee Evolution, Manatee Habitat, Social Behavior, Regulations and Restrictions.

Our swim with manatee tours are a relaxing and educational experience. We specialize in small groups with the manatees.Check out our photo gallery!

Capt. Joe has a photography degree and his pictures show it. Take a look at some of the shots he has taken on his dive and snorkel trips.

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