SUP Rentals

Truly experience the waters of Crystal River with stand-up paddle board rentals from Fun 2 Dive. Whether you’re visiting Crystal River on vacation or you’re local looking to try out stand-up paddling (SUP), Fun 2 Dive paddle board rentals are for all skill levels.
From avid paddlers to small children, stand-up paddle boarding is a water sport that caters to all abilities thanks to the varying levels of intensity. Younger children and first-time paddle boarders can easily cruise to the various springs throughout King’s Bay and Crystal River.
At Fun 2 Dive, our board rentals offer the following benefits:
• Affordable rates
• Basic instruction
• Refuge paddling maps
• Lightweight paddles
• High quality Jimmy Styx paddle boards
Reserve Your Stand-Up Paddle Board at Fun 2 Dive
Book your rental now using our online booking system found in the link below, or call us at 352-228-2279 to reserve your stand-up paddle board today.