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Quick Details

Hour Glass  Duration: Up to eight hours

Users   Guests: One paddleboard per person recommended

SUP Board

Paddle along the Crystal River!

Enjoy a day of paddle boarding on the beautiful spring-fed waters of Kings Bay and the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge! We rent high quality, stable Jimmy Styks paddle boards with lightweight carbon fiber paddles for your paddling comfort.

Truly experience the waters of Crystal River with our stand-up paddle board rentals. Whether you’re visiting Crystal River on vacation or you’re a local looking for a new way to explore our beautiful waterways, you are sure to enjoy a day of paddle boarding.

From avid paddlers to small children, stand-up paddle boarding is a water sport that caters to all abilities thanks to the varying levels of intensity. Younger children and first-time paddle boarders can easily cruise to the various springs throughout King’s Bay and Crystal River, and more experienced paddlers can enjoy a peaceful tour and wildlife encounters.

We provide you with a detailed map of our waterways, showing you the main points of interest along with the many freshwater springs that make up our beautiful bay. We even show you the spots where you are most likely to encounter our beloved manatees!

You can be confident in knowing that here at Fun 2 Dive we only rent the best quality boards and kayaks for your enjoyment. Rentals are available seven days a week, all year long, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Our stand-up paddleboard rentals offer the following benefits:

  • Affordable rates
  • Basic instruction
  • Refuge paddling maps
  • Lightweight paddles
  • High-quality Jimmy Styx paddle boards

Don’t miss out on this easy and fun way to explore Kings Bay and Crystal River! Pick up your paddle board rental today.